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Independent research shows that the financial performance of the brands most engaged in social media marketing saw revenues, gross margin and net profit grow significantly more than those that weren’t. There is a clear correlation and connection between social media engagement and achieving key performance indicators!

But what is social media marketing? Social media marketing should be a crucial element of any marketing communications strategy. Like any other business initiative it should have a strategy, clear objectives, key performance indicators and measurable return on investment.

Social Media Marketing is about the efficient distribution and propagation of your content across social media. It is about increasing the exposure of the content you already have or the content you are soon to develop. It’s social because it is passed from person to person, network to network, by people.

Shilpa and her team provide Social Media Solutions for businesses of all sizes helping to creative online marketing and raise the online profile of a variety of different organisations.

With the solutions to accelerate a company’s online presence through social media and effective branding, Shilpa and her team can ensure your business has a dominant presence online among all the key social media channels.

Mistry Marketing & Events will go beyond the traditional marketing formula to bring your website maximum exposure to numerous different online communities.

Shilpa and her team can help businesses build up a brand image using unique content for each social media channel tailored to each individual company’s marketing strategy.

Social Media Services

Social media has revolutionised marketing communications.

There is more to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn than meets the eye, particularly when it comes to using such social media platforms for marketing a business.
In order for businesses to fully understand and embrace social media, Shilpa and her team provide training sessions to teach the mechanics of social media, looking specifically at how it is used in business and the benefits of it.

As professional social media strategists, Shilpa and her team will take you back to basics - looking at the way in which social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn let people connect, create, share and mix up media. In other words, Shilpa and her team will educate and inform clients about these digital technologies that empower users to interact with each other, and participate and collaborate in the making of media, rather than just consuming media.

Social Media Training for Beginners

This introductory session is specifically designed for those who are unfamiliar with the various social media platforms, tools and techniques and enables businesses to discover how social media can be used within their particular organisation.

Social Media Marketing Training for Intermediate Level

Using multi-channel technology to manage schedule messages for campaigns, this workshop helps to answer any questions clients have about social media and resolves any gaps in client knowledge regarding the use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The job of Shilpa and her team is to find the key social media marketing leverage points where your content can add maximum value, distribute your content there and let social mechanisms do the rest. This is effective social media marketing.


Social Media Strategy and Policies & Procedures

This session is designed to ensure whoever looks after the social media of a business takes accountability and responsibility for managing the various social media platforms. Here, Shilpa and her team work closely with HR departments to review internet and email policies to include social media and ensure clients adhere to their own social media guidelines to include GDPR.

Social Media Campaigns

The most effective businesses on social media platforms such as Twitter are those that have built up a meaningful network of engaged followers and a good number of advocates for their business. Building up an online network is key to maximising your online presence and this is just another area that Shilpa and her team can assist businesses by developing tailor-made social media strategies for clients.