Tailor-made Marketing Solutions

Lancashire based marketing consultant, Shilpa and her team, provide a menu of tailor-made marketing solutions for businesses large and small to engage customers, clients and employees.

In addition to the key marketing services, products and solutions, Shilpa and her team also offer a range of other tailor-made marketing solutions.

Marketing Collateral
Campaign Management
Point of Sale Exhibitions
Promotional Items
Marketing an event
Website design and solutions
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Creative design and branding

Marketing Ideas Brainstorming

Shilpa and her team offer consultation sessions, where they will listen to the needs of a business and offer creative marketing ideas and solutions.

Particularly useful for start-up businesses, Shilpa and her team can provide creative brainstorming sessions to find the key marketing elements of a business that will be instrumental in taking it forward.
Marketing ideas brainstorming sessions allow Shilpa and her team to meet with new and existing clients, listen to their business needs and advise on the best marketing strategies that will help to take each individual business to the next level.

Marketing Planning

Solid marketing strategy is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan.

And Shilpa and her team can assist businesses of all sizes with creating key marketing strategies and marketing plans that dovetail with a company’s overall business objectives.

Marketing Planning is a 12-month process, split into rolling 90 days, where Shilpa and her team will look at numerous factors for a business before recommending a tailor-made marketing activity plan.

The marketing planning process will take businesses on a journey….
Firstly, the team will look at the vision of a business and what its key priorities are for the short, medium and long term. Then, looking at who its customers are, what the company’s goals are, any environmental and internal factors that need to be considered, what it’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) are, what the key objectives of the business are and understanding its competitors.

Once Shilpa and her team have gone through this thorough planning process, they will then work very closely with their clients to devise the most effective promotional activities and channels to market each individual business.


Marketing Campaign Management (once a marketing plan is in place)

Shilpa and her team can also identify, design, plan, test, deliver, monitor and measure cross-channel (online and offline) marketing campaigns in line with company’s key business objectives.

This involves: developing and executing a series of integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns to generate direct revenue; creating test plans and undertaking market analysis for each campaign where appropriate; preparing and delivering pre-campaign briefings and leading the creative process to ensure each campaign is a success; ensuring all campaigns are delivered effectively against business objectives, to deadline and on budget.

Shilpa and her team, would advise the best way to monitor and measures your campaigns, what things to look out for analysing and reporting on each campaign.